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My main focus is the processing of scientific data in the framework of the LRSM projects in hard- and software, mainly the AFIS mission

Focus on the emergence of homochirality and the effect of transient compartmentalization on major transitions in origins of life scenarios.

I am investigating effective electromagnetic interactions of neutral states such as dark matter which could lead to signals in direct detection experiments constraining BSM models.

Consequences of compact objects made of dark matter in terms of detectable signals based on the interaction between the visible and dark sectors.

I am mainly working on cosmological parameters inference, with particular attention to the modeling of the Matter Power Spectrum.

Hydrodynamical Simulations, Implementation of Meshless Finite Mass into OpenGadget3.

Dynamical processes in the Universe, including the structure and formation of dark matter halos, the formation and evolution of galaxies, the structure of the multi-phase, turbulent interstellar…

Theoretical Plasma-Astrophysics, Galaxies, Origin of life, Philosophy of science

In our laboratory we try to understand how non-equilibrium physics could have been beneficial for prebiotic multiphase systems, elucidating the hidden paths to Darwinian molecular evolution.

Resummation of Next-to-Leading Power Logarithms Soft-Collinear Effective Theory beyond Leading Power