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Resummation of Next-to-Leading Power Logarithms Soft-Collinear Effective Theory beyond Leading Power

Distributed production on the Grid.

I am a theoretical physicist interested in perturbative calculations in Quantum Field Theory with an emphasis on results relevant to LHC physics.

Gravitational lensing, in particular strong lensing in the framework of time delay cosmography using Wendelstein Observatory 2M data.

I work on model development for the analysis the light-meson spectrum. I work on both statistical methods and phenomenological model building.

The chiral anomaly is a defining feature of the strong interaction, yet experimentally not well tested. I work on putting chiral perturbation theory on firmer experimental ground.

The goal of my thesis is to investigate both the stellar and nuclear uncertainties which play a role in the modeling of AGB stars and the s-process.

Looking at survival and behavior of RNA and DNA inside dynamic coacervate droplets acting as a protective environment

Our group is currently setting up the PERC instrument at the FRM II. My main contribution is designing a scintillation detector to measure electrons of backscattering events.

My research is focused on elementary particle physics phenomelogy, with a particular interest in the search of BSM physics at colliders and in different experiments and in the study of EFTs.