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I'm interested in all things cosmological: large-scale structure, clusters of galaxies, non-gaussian statistics and morphology of fields, early Universe physics, neutrinos.

Forecasts for constraints on (non-standard) cosmological models from future cluster surveys. Currently: derivation and cosmological exploitation of the LSST-Rubin cluster data-set.

Cosmological galaxy surveys, dark energy, dark matter, weak gravitational lensing, clusters of galaxies, photometric redshifts, galaxy-halo connection, higher-order statistics, artificial…

My research project focuses on studying particle physics models of dark matter that leave an imprint on cosmological structure formation, and can be tested with galaxy cluster surveys.

Photon and neutron detection with gaseous detectors, enhance detection efficiency for X-Ray and Gamma tracking with extended drift geometries.

Protocells, protobiology, prototissues, coacervates, proteinosomes, vesicles, systems chemistry, matter/life transitions

Supernova Theory, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Neutrino Astrophysics, Neutron Stars, Numerical Astrophysics (Hydrodynamics, Radiative Transfer)

Studies of structure formation and cosmology using data from multi-wavelength surveys in the mm-wave (SPT), optical/NIR (DES, Euclid, LSST), radio (MeerKAT) and X-ray (eROSITA).

Observational cosmology - galaxy clusters - multi wavelengths analyses. I am currently working to prepare the exploitation of the Legacy Survey of Space and Time of the Rubin Obs. for…

Measurement of the quantum numbers of the X(3915) resonance using amplitude analysis at Belle and in perspective Belle II experiments.