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Theory of strong and electroweak interactions, Physics of flavour and heavy quarks, Effective field theories of electroweak symmetry breaking

Office hours: Tue, Wed: 08:30 - 16:30; Fri: 08:00 - 12:00

Using high-resolution, numerical simulations, I investigate the formation of stars, especially the formation and important processes of star-forming filaments.

Investigation of cytoskeletal active matter

Weak Interactions, K0 decays, CP Violation, Weak Quark Mixing, Kobayashi-Maskawa-Matrix, High Energy Neutrino Interactions, Quark, Antiquark and Gluon structure functions of nucleons,…

Higgs boson decays to four leptons, Higgs boson couplings measurement, CP violation in VBF production and H4l decays, effective field theory interpretations, sMDT chamber construction for…

I study heavy quarks in the continuum and on the lattice.

The B-meson light-cone distribution amplitudes are the subject of my PhD studies. They present a universal hadronic input to calculations of matrix elements in the QCD factorisation approach and…

observational cosmology, cosmic expansion rate, supernovae, Bayesian inference, machine learning

Theory of Nuclear Structure