Der 4. Juli 2012 markiert einen unvergesslichen Tag in der Teilchenphysik. An diesem Datum gaben die Experimente ATLAS und CMS am CERN die Entdeckung des Higgs-Bosons bekannt. Der diesjährige 10.…


"Let´s play a game! – Who are these women?"

This is how the very first film by the excellent women at the ORIGINS Cluster begins. And what exactly is it about? We have put together a video of the ORIGINS women to mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on February 11. The campaign aims to motivate girls and young women to get involved in science, since there are not that many women (yet) in mathematics, science, engineering and technology.

The feedback of the ORIGINS women to our call on International Day of Women and Girls in Science was absolutely sensational, so that we could create a real script from the received material. Edited by a professional video editor, it turned into an entertaining three minutes film that shows what the ORIGINS women are all about: science, of course, but also other things.

The film is available on YouTube.