A warm welcome to our neighbourhood

Since November 1, the Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) has had a new address. After 65 years, the institute is saying "goodbye" to its location at the Englischer Garten in Munich and moving into a new building on the IPP site at the Garching Research Center. This closes a circle. The new domicile is not only located in the immediate vicinity of the excellence cluster ORIGINS, but also of the three MPIs, all of which were spun off from the MPP: the MPIs for Astrophysics, Plasma Physics, and Extraterrestrial Physics.

Image shows the new building of the MPP.

The new building at the Garching Research Center. Image: Massimo Fiorito

Berlin - Göttingen - Munich: These are, in brief, the stations of the MPI for Physics. Founded in 1917 by Albert Einstein in Berlin (in his living room), a new start was made in Göttingen after World War II. However, the director at the time, Werner Heisenberg, was drawn to Munich: He commissioned the renowned architect Sep Ruf with a research building on Föhringer Ring in Schwabing/Freimann, which was revolutionary for the time.

The new institute headquarters is centrally located in one of Germany's most vibrant scientific locations. Four other Max Planck Institutes focusing on physics research are in the immediate vicinity, while the TUM Physics Department and several LMU research groups are also located on the campus. "We see the proximity to other research institutions working on similar or related topics as a great benefit," says Dieter Lüst, Managing Director of the MPP. "The close spatial connection will help to deepen existing collaborations and initiate new research projects."


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