Via Zoom – Lecture on “Emergence of Life in the Universe” started

For the summer semester 2020, the interdisciplinary lecture "Emergence of Life in the Universe" started for the first time, giving master students detailed insights into some of the research topics of the ORIGINS cluster. The project was initiated by ORIGINS scientists from the fields of astrophysics, organic chemistry and non-equilibrium physics under the coordination of Prof. Dieter Braun.

Image: Norbert Hertkorn/Helmholtz

In the lecture "Emergence of Life in the Universe", the speakers deal with the emergence of life from the perspective of astrophysics, organic chemistry and non-equilibrium physics. It consists of a three-hour lecture, followed by a one-hour seminar. The lecture is aimed at Master students, but is also open to other disciplines and backgrounds.

The course is part of the Biophysics program of the Master's program in Physics at the LMU and will be examined by an oral exam at the end of the program. The lecturers are Prof. Dieter Braun (Biophysics), Dr. Mark Hutchison (Astrophysics), Dr. Christof Mast (Biophysics), Dr. Bettina Scheu (Geo- and Environmental Sciences) and Prof. Oliver Trapp (Organic Chemistry).

The lecture takes place every Monday from 14.15 - 16:45 via the video platform Zoom as life stream:


Further information on the lecture series "Emergence of Life in the Universe".