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Strong gravitational lensing - Dark matter - Galaxies
Use numerical astrophysics methods to study microphysics and astrochemistry in star-forming regions, protoplanetary disks, and exoplanetary atmospheres. The main focus is thermochemical processes.
Research Projects: Large scale membrane reshaping and artificial cell division. Inference of dynamic system parameters through neural networks. Study of self-organization in active polar matter.
Past research: - Turbulent, interstellar medium - Nuclear star clusters
Learning with multiple representations and artificial intelligence in physics education and STEM teacher training through multimedia-based learning environments and technologies (e.g. AR/VR, etc.)
My research project focuses on studying particle physics models of dark matter that leave an imprint on cosmological structure formation, and can be tested with galaxy cluster surveys.
I aim to use hydrodynamical simulations to further our understanding about the formation of the local bubble; a superbubble in the immediate neighborhood of the solar system.
I work on string dualitites and string compactifications. I am also interested in quantum field theory in general.
ODSL Martin Ha Minh Neutrino Oscillation Studies with IceCube Upgrade PhD Student Caldwell
My research is focused on understanding the ISM conditions and the large scale dynamics that lead to the formation of massive star progenitors of the brightest explosions in the Universe.