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experimental particle physics, heavy quark physics, rare decays and CP violation, big data analytics

Gas detectors for particle physics and their future

Office hours: Mon - Fri, full-time

Dark Matter, Open data, Statistical comparison of models with experiments, phenomenology

Nonequilibrium statistical physics, Biophysics of RNA

Galactic dynamics, Stellar populations, Integral field spectroscopy, Hydro and Nbody simulations of galaxies, Dynamical modelling

Office hours: Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 16:00

My research focuses on active galactic nuclei. I am characterizing their broadband properties in order to understand the underlying particle acceleration and emission processes.

Studies of the exotic matter formations via the resonance phenomena of strong interaction. Keywords: scattering theory, amplitude analysis, LHCb experiment, COMPASS experiment.

Theory of hadrons and nuclei; matter under extreme conditions in nuclear and astrophysics. (See also: