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Using the relatively empty spaces between galaxies, so-called cosmic voids, I investigate the properties of our Universe and learn more about the unique characteristics of voids.
Multi-messenger modelling of active black holes
Large-scale structure of the Universe (EFTs, Halo Model, Schrodinger Poisson systems), Phase transitions in the Early Universe, Gravitational Waves, Perturbation Theory.
I am working on novel searches and triggers for Supersymmetry with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC as well as pMSSM re-interpretation efforts. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested!
I work on the interface between observational and theoretical cosmology. My main research interest is to find out about the Origins of the accelerated expansion of the Universe.
The goal of my project is to find sources of ultra high energy cosmic rays by using the very highest energies events ( >100 EeV).
As a postdoctoral scientist at TUM, I am enthusiastic about comprehending the potential transition from non-living to living matter, using membrane biophysics and confocal microscopy.
Monte Carlo Simulation of the response of Silicon Drift Detectors, Design/Sensitivity studies for the ComPol (Compton Polarimeter) CubeSat mission, and development of the first ComPol prototype
Galactic center black hole, infrared astronomy, spectroscopy, adaptive optics, interferometry
Using the accumulation of molecules at air/water interfaces in thermal gradients in order to restart protein synthesis in a diluted and inactive Transcription-Translation reaction.