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My research focuses on the development of machine learning and statistical methods as well as computational analysis techniques for use in high energy physics experiments such as the ATLAS Experiment
Experimental Particle Physics, Data Science
Astrochemical modelling, molecular spectroscopy, observations and theory of the earliest phases of star and planet formation and links to our Solar System.
Disk formation; star & planet formation; binary & multiple systems; computational magnetohydrodynamics; astrochemical modeling
I work on the dynamics of heavy quarkonium in heavy ion collisions focusing on novel computational techniques to describe the evolution inside the Quark Gluon Plasma.
Observational cosmology - Large-scale structure of the Universe
I am implementing data analytical methods, e.g. graph-based network analysis, from CHEMISTRY into the field of ASTRONOMY, to answer questions about the origin(s) of life or about habitability in…
I work on model development for the analysis the light-meson spectrum. I work on both statistical methods and phenomenological model building.
Development and application of graph neural networks within the context of neutrino telescopes.
Experimental particle physics; data analysis