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Interested in using advanced statistical methods to give new insights into long-standing problems in high-energy astrophysics and beyond.
Principles of intracellular pattern formation Coarsening and wavelength selection in mass-conserving reaction–diffusion systems Self-organization via chemotactic signaling
The goal of my thesis is to investigate both the stellar and nuclear uncertainties which play a role in the modeling of AGB stars and the s-process.
Our research deals with the origin of matter in the Universe, using small scale experiments with extreme precision. The main experiment of the group is the PanEDM instrument at ILL Grenoble.
I perform simulations of the formations of stars and their surrounding accretion disks, taking into the account the effect of magnetic fields and also attempt to connect this to larger (ISM) scales.
- emergent phenomena of polymerization - mutual interplay between sequence of RNA/DNA and kinetics/thermodynamics of polymerization reactions
- Exoplanet Atmospheres - High-resolution Spectroscopy
My research concerns perturbative calculations in quantum field theories that are relevant for particle physics phenomenology and the gravitational wave program.
I'm an experimental particle physicist, member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN. My research is focused on the areas of data analytics, machine learning and simulation software.
Effective Field Theories, SMEFT, HEFT