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Measurement and reconstruction of magnetic fields in fundamental physical experiments and biomedical measurements
Developement of a fetal magnetocardiography device to be used in a Doctor's office.
Are we able to experimentally create an evolutionary chamber to bridge the gap between simple prebiotic molecules and the first “living” organisms?
I work on phosphorylation, recyclisation and oligomerisation of nucleotides, with the aim to achieve them all in similar, prebiotically-likely conditions.
Cosmic Distance Ladder, stellar populations, big data astronomy.
Bayesian inference in superposed complex systems combined with deep learning, especially for radio interferometric data.
Finding potential nucleoside formation conditions, that are compatible with an early Earth environment and at the same time with conditions for subsequent polymerisation.
I study the behaviour of matter at finite densities and temperatures, with an emphasis on loop calculations using real-and-imaginary time methods together with effective field theory.
Study of the dark matter and baryons distribution in the bulk of the virialized halo population at the group mass scale. Study of galaxy evolution with a particular focus on the environment.
Large Scale Structure, Clusters of galaxies, and Cosmology