Max Planck Medal for Erwin Frey

Prof. Erwin Frey, ORIGINS scientist and Chair of Statistical and Biological Physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, receives the Max Planck Medal - the most prestigious German Physical Society (DPG) award.

Prof. Erwin Frey. Image: LMU

Erwin Frey is known for his outstanding and influential theoretical contributions to the physics of non-equilibrium processes. His work focuses on how self-organization occurs in cells and which physical principles orchestrate the interaction of molecular building blocks such as proteins, lipids, and DNA so that life emerges.

Among many other achievements, Frey has made outstanding progress in understanding the elastic behavior of semi-flexible polymers and skeletal cell structures, pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems, the emergence of protein patterns, intercellular transport mechanisms, and the dynamics of microbial systems.

The Max Planck Medal is awarded to Erwin Frey "[i]n recognition of his fundamental contributions to theoretical biophysics, particularly intercellular transport, biomolecular processes and pattern formation in complex systems."

The award will be presented in March 2024 during the DPG Annual Meeting in Berlin.

Press release of the DPG (in german).