ODSL - The ORIGINS Data Science Laboratory

The ODSL provides a new pillar for novel analysis methods, algorithms and computational tools to fully exploit high-dimensional, complex data sets. The ODSL specialises in advanced techniques for pattern recognition in noisy data and for the identification and extraction of weak signals. Modern techniques in machine learning will be employed as well as augmented reality and visualisation techniques in the extraction of scientific results.

The Dark Matter Data Center (DMDC) is integrated into ODSL and serves the community fostering a culture of open data and methods.


ODSL Call for Internship

We are looking for students interested in working on cutting-edge Data Science problems in various physics disciplines, e.g. particle physics, astrophysics or astrochemistry. This is an unpaid internship with an official certificate in the end. Working hours to be discussed.
Contact: Prof. Dr. Lukas Heinrich l.heinrich(at)tum.de


Meetings at ODSL happen almost every Tuesday. (TBD: Schedule/Agenda here).


  • We discuss ODSL organisation & ODSL projects.
  • People present & discuss their ongoing research ideas.
  • If you want to present, you can contact us (TBD: contact here)


The ODSL Forum takes place almost every Friday at 2 or 3 pm. External speakers are invited to present their work.

Actual schedule of talks 

Block Course

Check the ODSL block course schedule here (TBD: dates, link to Indico page)


Ongoing Projects

Visit our projects page for an overview of our ongoing research projects.



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