Seed Money Projects

Seed Money is meant to transform innovative, creative and new ideas into projects.

This funding scheme aims to identify and support innovative research and development of projects in all fields of the ORIGINS Cluster, where such non-bureaucratic financial support can contribute significantly to knowledge gain and progress. All proposed projects need to be supported by a principal investigator (PI) of the ORIGINS Excellence Cluster.

Application process

All members of the ORIGINS cluster with the status "Principal Investigator" are eligible to apply. Applications can be handed in at any time, with proposals being evaluated twice a year. Deadlines for applications are being sent out to all principle investigators of the ORIGINS Cluster. The current one (for the call 2020-2) ends on April 16th, 2020. Please send your application via e-mail to Stefan Waldenmaier.

The selection committee as shown in the box on the right hand side will evaluate submitted applications with a final decision taken by the Research Board. The competitive selection process includes a written application (as outlined in the proposal templates, see box on the right) and a 10 minutes oral presentation of the project. Please take the guide lines for proposal submission of the respective call into account and use the provided proposal templates (see box on the right).

Seed Projects 2020 - 1

Successful Seed Project applications for the call 2020-1

Project Title Principal Investigator RU / CN  
Trade-off study of an Anger camera Jochen Greiner (MPE), Elisa Resconi (TUM) LRSM, CN-7, RU-B  
Large Area Photon Detection With High Efficiency and High Position Resolution Ralf Hertenberger (LMU), Otmar Biebel (LMU), B. Flierl (LMU), M. Rinnagel (LMU) RU-A  
AutoLab: Automation of a wet-lab for the Origins cluster Job Boekhoven (TUM) RU-E, CN-8, CN-5  
Development of archaeological Pb cryogenic detectors for Supernova neutrino detection Luca Pattavina (TUM), F. Capozzi (MPP), N. Ferreiro (MPP), A. Kinast (TUM), L. Oberauer (TUM, Origins PI), R. Strauss (TUM), I. Tamborra (MPP) RU-B, RU-D  
Computational Efficient Differential Equations in the Latent Space for CPU-demanding Thermochemical Models of Protoplanetary Disks Tommaso Grassi, Giovanni Picogna (presenter), Barbara Ercolano (USM) RU-D, CN-2, ODSL  

Seed Projects 2019 - 1

Successful Seed Project applications for the call 2019-1

Project Title Principal Investigator RU / CN  
Development of an advanced detector for metastable Hydrogen atoms (H(2s)) from the bound neutron decay (BOB) E. Gutsmiedl, S. Paul, W. Schott (TUM) RU-A  
GEM-based prototype for the NA60+ muon tracker T. Dahms, L. Fabbietti, P. Gasik, B. Ulukutlu (TUM) RU-A, CN-7  
Triggerless Data-Acquisition for Precision Beta Spectroscopy B. Märkisch, I. Konorov, S. Huber, H. Saul (TUM) RU-A, RU-B  
Another STRAW in the Pacific Ocean: the second path finder mission for the Pacific Ocean Neutrino Explorer E. Resconi, R. Gernhäuser (TUM) RU-B, CN-6  
Demonstrating the feasibility of a low-background Silicon Drift Detector system for IAXO S. Mertens (MPP), T. Houdy RU-B  
LESS: Let the Simulations Shine K. Dolag, A. Obreja (USM), E. Emsellem (ESO), M. Petkova (C2PAP) R. Remus (USM), R Dominguez-Tenreiro (UAM) RU-D  
Establishing Additive Manufacturing Methods for future Astronomical Instrumentation M. Fabricius (MPE), F. Grupp (MPE), F. Lang-Bardl (USM), U. Hopp (USM), R. Bender (USM/MPE) RU-D  
The origins of homochirality J. Boekhoven (TUM) RU-E, CN-8, CN-5  
Twinkle observations of PAHs in the atmospheres of planet forming discs B. Ercolano (USM), Th. Preibisch (USM), L. Testi (ESO) RU-F