ORIGINS News 1-2022 / 28.03.2022

Spread your expenses evenly throughout the year: About 50% of last year’s budget has been spent in the ten weeks before the closure of accounts (25% of the total budget in December only). This is particularly problematic for the administration due to booking deadlines of both universities. Thus, an urgent appeal from the administration: please spend your 2022 budget over the whole year! Also consider continuing delays with deliveries. Therefore, plan your spendings early in the year.

Value limits for purchases:

  • <1000€ net: purchase
  • 1000-4999€ net: Purchase (for documentation: 2 additional price informations, i.e. printouts from webshops, etc.)
  •  >5000€-100.000€ net: Verhandlungsvergabe ohne Teilnahmewettbewerb (ideally contact Ina when planning to buy something above 5.000€
    - Strictly follow the rules according to UVgO
    - Official invitation for tender
    - Eigenerklärung form needed
    - >25.000€ need for post-ex publication (ORIGINS Geschäftsstelle)
    - >30.000€ before awarding, you need to have a Gewerbezentralregisterauszug (ORIGINS Geschäftsstelle)
    - Thorough documentation
  • >150.000€: Procurement via DFG
  • >250.000€: tender within the European Union (EU Vergabe) (procurement via DFG)