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Non-linearities within field theory. Constrained dynamics. Modified gravity theories. Quantum field theory. Mathematical physics.
Numerical astrophysicist specialised in supermassive black holes, active galactic nuclei and their role in galaxy formation and evolution.  
Office hours Wednesday:    07:00 - 14:30 Thursday:        07:00 - 14:30 Friday:             07:00 - 13:00
My research project aims to understand the origins of the chemical complexity observed in our Solar System by investigating the molecular content of young protoplanetary disks
ORIGINS/MIAPbP Sibylle Graf (Kopie 1) +49 89 35831-7201 +49 89 999519341 https://www.munich-iapbp.deMIAPbP Administrative Coordinator
Chromatography and mass spectrometry of complex reaction systems in the context of the Origin of Life.
- emergent phenomena of polymerization - mutual interplay between sequence of RNA/DNA and kinetics/thermodynamics of polymerization reactions
Using high-resolution, numerical simulations, I investigate the formation of stars, especially the formation and important processes of star-forming filaments.
Cosmic ray acceleration through astrophysical and planetary shocks using methods of computational and theoretical plasma physics
My work focuses on the study of black hole accretion disks as environments for cosmic ray generation and acceleration, mostly from the point of view of GRMHD.