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My interests lie in the study of mathematical aspects of scattering amplitudes: their properties, techniques, and special functions necessary for their calculation.

- Galaxy formation with respect to the interplay of gas accretion and star formation
- Gas regulation processes in galaxies in the Magneticum Pathfinder Simulations

LMU Prof. Dr. Barbara Ercolano CN-2
PD Dr. Sascha Mehlhase Quantum Valley

Interested in using advanced statistical methods to give new insights into long-standing problems in high-energy astrophysics and beyond.

Simulations of Cosmic Rays in Galaxy Clusters

I study the interactions between (non)topological defects, such as domain walls, strings, monopoles, and hybrid defects, and their relevance for phase transitions in GUTs during the early…

Detection and characterization of cosmological gravitational waves and their imprint in the B-modes of the CMB, with a particular focus on forecasts and analysis for the future LiteBIRD…

ESO Samuel Ruthven Ward +49 89 3200-6622 AGN outflows' impact on the molecular gas PhD Student Mainieri

My research interests focus on astroparticle, underground and fundamental physics. I am the PI of the RES-NOVA project, a cryogenic array of archaeo-Pb based detector for Supernova neutrino…