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My work focuses on the study of black hole accretion disks as environments for cosmic ray generation and acceleration, mostly from the point of view of GRMHD.
MPG Prof. Dr. Martin Stratmann (Kopie 1)
Simulations of Cosmic Rays in Galaxy Clusters
cosmology (baryogenesis, symmetries at high temperatures, dark matter), gauge hierarchy problem (composite Higgs, relaxion, landscape solutions), collider searches for new physics
Investigating gas and dust dynamics during early stages of star, disc and planet formation using numerical tools.
Studies of the exotic matter formations via the resonance phenomena of strong interaction. Keywords: scattering theory, amplitude analysis, LHCb experiment, COMPASS experiment.
Non-linearities within field theory. Constrained dynamics. Modified gravity theories. Quantum field theory. Mathematical physics.
Exploring AI's thrilling intersections with Mathematics, Particle Physics, and Astrobiology in AI4Science, seeking discovery of the unknown, and developing new solutions.
Higgs physics with di-Higgs and beyond the Standard Model searches. Machine Learning for high energy physics with set and sequence models, transformers, generative models and normalizing flows.
Dark Matter, Open data, Statistical comparison of models with experiments, phenomenology