The fined-tuned Universe or is there life elsewhere in space?

Whether the emergence of life in our Universe was an incredible coincidence or is inevitable is one of the most fundamental questions of mankind. It is deeply rooted in Western culture and religion. The first reflections go back to Greek philosophers such as Empedocles and Aristotle and appear throughout the work of Western theologians and philosophers. Interestingly, the question is less present in other cultures.

Connector 9 wants to look at the emergence of life in our Universe from two perspectives: one scientific and one cultural/philosophical:

  • From a scientific point of view, researchers try to understand whether life could exist in any form if the basic constants or forces of the Universe were slightly different.
  • From a cultural/philosophical point of view, researchers seek to discuss and engage with philosophers of different cultures to understand past, present and future thoughts about life and thus the place and role of mankind in the Universe.