Monday 25 January 2021 12:55 - 17:20 virtual
Abstract: CN-1 Scientists and invited guests will meet to discuss their progress relative to the initial milestones and the organization of connector-1.  CN-1.1: Quantum properties of black holes and their relations to observations milestones: i) computation of corrections to GR from quantum black hole modes and their signatures on black hole mergers (7 yrs); ii) investigation of a possible detection at the LHC (7 yrs) CN-1.2: Black holes as Dark Matter milestones: i) deriving initial conditions for…
Monday 25 January 2021 17:00 - 18:00 online only
Abstract: In this talk I will first review a long-standing discrepancy between the neutron lifetime as measured in beam and in bottle experiments. If this discrepancy is not due to a systematic error, it may be due to novel mechanisms for neutron transmutation into new, as yet unknown elementary particles. These particles would be electrically neutral, or so-called “dark”. We will explain several scenarios for the possibility of neutron transmutation into dark particles. For example, in one interesting…
Abstract: Proton minibeam radiotherapy (pMBRT) is an external beam radiotherapy method with reduced side effects by taking advantage of spatial fractionation in the normal tissue. This concept was developed for better sparing of normal tissue in the entrance channel of radiation. Due to scattering, the delivered small beams widen in the tissue ensuring a homogeneous dose distribution in the tumor. Preclinical in-vivo experiments conducted with pMBRT in mouse ear models or in rat brains support the…
Abstract: RU-C.1: Foundations of structure formation RU-C.2: Testing cosmological models with large-scale structure surveys RU-C.3: Cosmology with clusters of galaxies